Alfred and Alice thompson

Year Unknown

I met alice Thompson when i was 4 yrs old when our family moved to area from brookings oregon, Her and her family right away took us

under thier wings. no matter where I was living she made sure I stayed in contact I had to always give her my current address. She told

Me i had to call her grandma even though we wasn't related by blood. many of times she would call up and ask about my well being

when  i was low on food i would make pancakes.  She would call up and ask for dinner would say and dont you dare say pancakes

if i did she would say ohhh you ... and would sen cash to me and say now buy some food and refused to let me say no... She been gone for

over 8 yrs now but still feels as though was yesterday. Alice had a special spot in my heart i miss the calls every few days .  even if

I was just venting ... she was a pure lady and like her daughter Linda who we just lost she loved her Bible and read it every chance she had

Love from Carl and james


Ever since i was very young since i was 4 I had known Alice and her family I was just a kid growing up and trying to fit in

I never felt i was wanted anywhere had many people put me down telling me i was stupid. However the Queen of Hearts as i think of

alice as made me feel like i was someone that can make a difference in  my small world. Alfred her husband was a neat man as well

they were the king and queen of hearts in my heart. Alice always made sure i was safe and well fed no matter where i lived I had

moved around allot went to va ohio missouri and many other places. i told her my reasons and she understood and always

gave me the encouragement that i needed she would tell everyone of the silly things i had done as a kid would embarrass me&nb

but still funny and a good memory I miss alice more anything in world we would call every few days to each other

she was more then a friend to me she was like a grandma i wish i had .... she made life worth living again

I misss you so very much; Alice your in my heart forever