In memory of Linda thompson I knew  Linda since i was 4 she was a very kind and caring lady she would go out of her way to help

if you were in need  would give her all even if meant she would go without. 3 years ago  james lost his RX insurance and couldnt afford

to get it back. without even blinking an eye she helped us we paid most of what we owed back then she decided we paid enough and wouldnt and we didnt even ask we was venting

let us pay another cent . She was a true lady she loved the bible she had lots of loving family around her. We wernt related by blood but felt

as though she was a Aunt to me and my brother Linda you will be missed allot  Carl and James



Linda, its only been a few weeks since you left us but seems like forever since we talked i keep trying to pickup phone to call you to see

how you are doing and give you the latest. I met you when i was 4 yrs old  and kept in contact over the yrs we may not always agree on things

even a few times i would get upset but i still loved you like a aunt to me. when we had troubles and i didnt know what to do i would call up

and  vent all my woes even if didnt come up with a answer it would help me to figure things out i always tried to help if i could but you would just tell

me its ok i have enough going on so no need i would still try help if i was able. LInda i misss you s