G.S. Funke 19XX-2013


This  page is dedicated to one my best friends, I have ever had he was goofy and sometimes,

a oddball when would get excited would poke, you in side, he was one in a million

a awesome guy, I will never forget you Scott.

Emptiness of your loss

My dear Scott we lost you today I, known you since you were about 11 yrs old, when you moved into my life. you were a

goofball, but then so was I, Always razzed you about your favorite football team It would get your goat

every time. anytime the Raiders would lose I would say I hear the raiders faded away again. I loved you

like a second brother, to me your family was like a second family to me. We, shared Our first apartment together

I, helped you learn cooking along with teachings, from family on cooking. You, would be hungry

and I would say want some worms? First time I told you that you go what????? So, I made us both Some spaghetti

even showed you how to make it I, recall one day you made spaghetti, your parents came over You said

Carl, showed me how make some worms Want some? So, that's was dinner for your parents

When you told your mom, worms I, thought she was going to pass out!! That was so funny. To see the reaction.

we, had lots of good times in our apartments we had both on Hollywood then the one in kiezer.

We eventually moved on after a couple yrs.. Scott you were a kind soul that touched my heart.

Showing me how to live and not bottle everything up. When I Think of you or your family I think of all we

shared I will never forget all the good times we had...

In Memory of my second brother

G.S. Funke

Written 6-23-2013 By Carl Willson

See you in My Thoughts and Memory My Brother Scott